We are Squid Worx Robotics, Team 8104 from FIRST Robotics.  We are students  striving to learn the skills to help change the world.  By working as a team to design, fabricate, assemble and program fully-functional robots with the help of our mentors, we are gaining essential skills for our futures. 


FIRST® Robotics

 FIRST®, which was founded in 1989, is a non-for-profit that has spent the last 30 years evolving into a global movement that engages millions  and teaches kids problem solving techniques and skills.   FIRST® is designed to inspire interest in science and technology and motive today's youth to pursue a future in STEM fields. 



Being a part of Squid Worx Robotics is not just about building robots.  It is about working together as a team, developing leadership skills,  gaining real world experience in problem solving and, of course, building lifelong friendships.  We are always searching for highly motivated high school students who enjoy programming, mechanical construction, and marketing. We want to work with you and work together to help create a better future.

Interested in joining the team?  Click below for the application!